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CMP Road Sweeping


No matter what the requirement CMP have the Road Sweeping solution. 

Road sweepers are commonly used to keep roads, pavements, runways and other surfaces free from dust and debris. The road sweepers use water jets to spray water onto the surface which helps to loosen the debris, the surface is then scrubbed with a brush while another round broom like brush sweeps the debris onto a belt where it is transported to the hopper located inside the sweeper. 

Here at CMP Road Planing we have a fleet of Johnson road sweepers that are serviced and tested regularly to ensure that they maintain a high standard of performance. Our operators are highly qualified and are experts in providing an excellent service in a professional and timely fashion. 


Johnston VT651

Our Johnston VT651 provides low emissions, operating at low fuel consumption with both the chassis and auxiliary engines using a total of 6 l/hr at low rpm.The sweeping operation can be paused or stopped easily and sweep gear lifted to allow the driver to transit from one location to another without having to disengage a separate drive.The twin engine can be used in built up areas in conjunction with an automatic transmission for the best balance of control and functionality and where performance is most important in applications such as road construction. The VT651 provides the ideal balance between performance, environmental impact and low cost of ownership, with applications to suit a full range of sweeping environments, benefits that make the Johnston VT651 the sweeper of choice worldwide.


Machine Functions: 

Simultaneous Sweeping: This option allows dual sweep machines to deploy both channel brushes and nozzles simultaneously, to achieve a maximum width of 3.6m.

Supawash: A high pressure water system for fast cleaning of road furniture and the machine itself via a hose and hand lance. Water can also be diverted to a front mounted full width spray bar or suction nozzle bars to help remove stubborn road debris. The spray bar and the sweepgear can be used together for high performance cleaning, particularly around building sites or on road laying operations. Powascrub: This wide sweep brush ground pressure device enables the extra scarification of compacted debris.

Wanderhose: Rigid turntable-mounted hose with a flexible extension enables cleaning over a wide 3.35m radius. Boom mounted with 280deg of rotary movement, it provides access around car parks, over fences and into drains for emptying to a depth of 2mtrs.

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